CMPI Ownership:

  • Richard Lassiter

President & Production Manager

  • Michael Sadler

Vice President & Sales & Marketing Specialist

  • Kathy Garton

Secretary & Treasurer

Our History

In 1992, CMPI was formed by a group of investors when they purchased a 48” Hill Acme sheet polisher to provide high-grade surface finishes to stainless steel for local fabricators. These customers required perfection since many of their clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries had high standards. The company grew rapidly by gaining a reputation for craftsmanship and speed. Over the years, CMPI has gained many other polishing and processing capabilities. Beyond just sheet, pipe, tube, and flat bar  polishing, CMPI has become an innovator in architectural finishes and components. Additionally, the pressure tank and valve industries have found a valuable resource in CMPI. 

As the scope of potential services grew, CMPI recognized that many of their polishing customers also had a demand for related services. By identifying similar requirements among their existing customers, CMPI’s focus has become single-minded: What can be done to make the customer's life easier? Our response to that challenge has been to develop as many processing and fabricating capabilities as possible in order to give the customer what they need. Our services include the flexibility for customers to either supply their own material or have CMPI provide material at competitive prices. CMPI processes material per their customer’s unique specifications without having to go to any other job shop. In manufacturing, the fewer steps needed to complete a project, the better. Think of CMPI as a one-stop shop. It would be difficult to find such a variety of processing abilities anywhere else. With this kind of potential, who needs a niche? 

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