WE set the standard with high quality dimple jackets for your DIY tank fabrications!

CMPI provided mechanical dimple jackets are sheets of metal with equally spaced depressions, or dimples, pressed into the metal to provide contact points for welding to a base, such as a tank or pressure vessel.  We can easily attach dimple sheets to the outside of your fabrications to optimize media flow. This pressure directs cooling water or steam and allows for optimal heat transfer to control the temperature of your tank. CMPI's affordable and high quality work extends your tank's lifespan and improves your bottom line.

CMPI dimple jacket layouts and thicknesses vary based on customer requested pressure rating requirements. We offer eight styles of dimple jacket with varying hole diameters, depths, and spacing, to meet the pressure requirements that our customers specify. We supply dimple in the flat as sheets or cutout shapes, dished or rolled to fit for customer to install. We also provide full fabrication services of dimple jacketed pressure vessels and tank components. Supply your own material, fabrications, and drawings, or allow us to provide the metal and processing, at a great price.

CMPI Dimple Jacket Capabilities

  • Flat sheets with straight or radial patterns cut and formed to spec
  • Dished heads, flat heads, and cone sections with radial patterns
  • Formed to fit your exact dimensional requirements for ease of installation
  • Crimped edges for easier welding to your fabrication
  • CMPI heat transfer surfaces are used with steam, hot & cold water, glycol and other heating & cooling mediums
  • Available in polished stainless steel and multiple alloys to suit your needs
  • CMPI proof test panels are available on request per ASME standards
  • Contact CMPI for additional information and capacities not listed





Our TURN-KEY service means we can procure, fabricate and polish material to your exact specifications. Our volume purchasing capabilities help us lock-in the best pricing possible for our clients. 



Carbon-free handling equipment for manipulating material.

Protective Packaging

Our standard packaging protects your material in-transit with common carriers. If you require special shipping arrangements, our in house experts will ensure that your material is safe and sound.

  • Standard: Fluted cardboard in-between sheets/plates
  • Standard: Skidded with corner-guards
  • Special skidding and crating available upon request
  • High impact packaging upon request


All applicable materials we provide have MTR's (Material Test Reports) on file. As necessary, our materials and workmanship are in compliance with ASME and AWS guidelines.

Disclaimer: CMPI does not accept nor imply responsibility for design and performance of Heat Transfer Surfaces.

Our standards are your specifications.

There's a reason that CMPI has developed strong partnerships in so many industries. Our stainless polishing and fabrications are utilized by mixer tank and pressure vessel shops, industrial pharmaceutical companies, and high end architectural contractors around the nation, and that's just naming a few. Get in touch, and let us help you build something brilliant.