• Flat Sheets with straight or radial patterns are available for customer cutting or forming to fit their requirements. 
  • Dished head, flat head and cone sections are provided with radial patterns for ease of installation. Pieces are formed to fit your exact dimensional requirements.
  • CMPI Heat Transfer Surface is used with steam, hot & cold water, glycol, and other heating/cooling mediums.
  • Available in stainless steel and multiple alloys to suit your specifications.
  • CMPI proof test panels are available per ASME standards.
  • Contact CMPI for additional information and capacities regarding Heat Transfer Surfaces.


CMPI offers eight styles of dimple jacketing with varying hole diameters & dimple depths with variable spacing for different pressure requirements. Dimple jacket can be supplied in flat sheets or shapes, dished or rolled to fit for customer installation. We can handle the fabrications you need, from start to finish. Material can easily be formed to fit the shape and specification provided. 

Dimple jacket is available in 16 Gauge through 10 Gauge, at up to 60" widths by 20' lengths. An 11 Gauge dimple jacket option is offered with limited width, length, and hole spacing requirements. Not every style is available for every material type. See the chart below for information regarding our capabilities. 


All applicable materials we provide have MTR's (Material Test Reports) on file. As necessary, our materials and workmanship are in compliance with ASME and AWS guidelines.

Disclaimer: CMPI does not accept nor imply responsibility for design and performance of Heat Transfer Surfaces.