• Interior (I.D.) and Exterior (O.D.) Pipe & Tube Polishing
  • Angle Polishing, some or all: flats, corners, & edges
  • Flat Bar Polishing, some or all: flats & edges
  • Fitting Polishing
  • Fabrication, Weldment & Special Shape Polishing
  • Round Bar Polishing
  • Structural Shape, Channel & Beam Polishing
  • Architectural Polishing
  • Contact CMPI for any other polishing needs

We can polish your fabrications, or we can provide, fabricate, and polish material to your exact specifications.


All applicable materials we provide have MTR's (Material Test Reports) on file. As necessary, our materials and workmanship are in compliance with ASME and AWS guidelines.

Disclaimer: CMPI polishing of customer supplied fabrications described on this page does not remove a uniform amount of base material. All described materials could have thinning of the material from the polishing process. Therefore, CMPI does not imply nor accept customer required minimum thickness/dimensional requirements unless approved in writing at time of order.